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                   Custom Growing


Here at Mammoth Cave Transplants we offer custom growing for farmers, landscapers, and even consumers. With this service, we will custom grow plant varieties and plant quantities you require. This service is particularly valuable to landscape designers and farmers who know of large projects in advance. The key to this process is allow plenty of time in advance to allow for plant and seed ordering and of course to allow plenty of time to grow quality, healthy plants for your installation!    Please contact us to discuss the process and requirements of our custom growing service and to discuss your particular needs.

Things we custom grow: All types of vegetables, strawberry plants, and flowering annuals for spring and fall planting. 

Benefits of Custom Growing:

  • Using quality transplants extends the growing season. Transplants are ready to set out immediately.

  • Transplants allow more efficient use of fertilizer and irrigation water during early growth stages.

  • Earlier harvests are attainable by using transplants vs. direct seeding in the field. Generally, an earlier harvest is more valuable to the market therefor costs associated with buying transplants can easily be recouped.

  • When transplants are planted in the field, plants are more uniform since they start off in the field at the same growing stage.

  • Using our transplants eliminates the additional expense, expertise and time needed to run a greenhouse and coordinate sowing dates with planting dates in the field.

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